5 febbraio 2010

Christmas Love

LePluDu  took just a little break from the net.

I'm dreaming about a new spring time.
Need it for my drawings that are now just tasteless.
I started new year without energy.
That's not possible... and I also put on weight.
I fell like an older Bridget Jones - (without a teeny diary and ugly pink sweaters).

I met someone during my holidays.
I was walking after the traditional Christmas lunch. 
Everything was so white and soft. My mother, inside,  was entertaining her guests with one of her bizarre stories and I couldn't stop thinking 'bout job, burocracy and everythink you shouldn't think during festivities.
So I decided to go outside, even if the fireplace was lovely and warm. 


Immediately I forgot all my thoughts. Quiet. Only my footsteps.
I walked far from all cars parked in front of the house. 
And then I heard about a "piouuuuuuuch". 
He was there trembling, scared.
A little robin bird, alone without his family. 

And then I felt in love another time... with nature.
He joined our family lunch too!

He's gone away after few days, just like me. 

19 dicembre 2009

Full of Christmas Spirit

Come Christmas day 
I will be full of Christmas spirit
Buck fizz with my breakfast
Is only the start of it
Then a sherry with the vicar
After the candles have been lit 

And aperitif before lunch
Maybe Vodka or a Gin and it
Wine with every course
Brandy when the pudding is lit
Liqueur with coffee 

Then more brandy as we sit
Then when the day is over
I whish shoe a ferry Hacky Fhrismit

(Paul Curtis)

10 dicembre 2009


This is such a bad day.
I think that everyone have a colleague, (THE colleague), that makes you feel the useless person in the world.
Being an illustrator or a graphic designer is like the other job, you work better as you can and at the end you see other people taking the prize that you deserve.
I just overturned my cup of tea... and guess what? all the tea is on my desk and keyboard.
Better now. mmhhhh.

Ok then... today I made the mistake to take a look (deep look) of portfolios of other illustrator, and I just thought... what am I doing??. Who constrict me to go on this way??. You see out there is full of real artists that works for this and this brand? You can't go on. Just find  real job!!!

And then I saw Eleonora. My only reader. And I wanna thank her for being here as an important supporter to me.
Today you saved me :-)

8 dicembre 2009

Sometimes I draw

Finally I've got a day for me.
At home lonely with my beautiful meowing cat and the burning fireplace.
Ok I confess... I should  organize this mess around me buuuut tomorrow another journey waits for me. So the home can wait... next year :)
I couldn't wait to draw something about new brands I found during the last trip.
Here my last creation.

7 dicembre 2009


Goodevening (even if outside seems like late at night...).
I've been in Brooklin and I found this beautiful brand NECKLUSH. 
I couldn't resist soooo... I bought the red one for Christmas time :-)


4 novembre 2009


GoodMorning to everyone.
I found a beautiful idea for Christmas and I want to share it with you...

Happytape is a website that sells theese amazing masking tape.
It's made of Japanese washi paper and whit it you can decorate ... basically everything!! On Happytape blog you can find ideas from who used it..many pictures and comment.
From now I can find it also in US!!!


This is my news for today... and I leave you with one of my drawings :-)
Bye bye going to create something... actually today I've got to do all except creative job -_-'
This is illustrator life

24 ottobre 2009


Ok maybe I'm a bit chicky buuuut I'm totally in love with Blair Waldorf character. 

You know Gossip Girl? I think it's a coktail of Sex&the City and Dawson's Creek... just a girly series. Dresses and character are amazing!

I cannot imagine how much they spended around it.
And there are also many many website where people all around the world talk about how can they dress like Vanessa or Serena...
And doesn't want you talk about Chuck?!! 

Ok ok I go back at work :-)


20 ottobre 2009

First post

Hi this is Le Plu Du!!
I'm an illustrator and I love...

I started my carreer when...
well... I was just a child... I always imagined a warm house with white furniture, a big fireplace, many meowing cats.. (ok - this sounds like Christmas time :-P).
And everytime I used to draw my dreams like the big and warm house and... so.
I've always worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and I just thought that naybe it's the time to have a personal website. Don't you think?!

OK. This is me today...

I'm pretty happy even if the weather isn't so nice.
This cold cold autumn comes to me like a vanilla infusion.
I leave you tonight with this far vanilla parfume...

Going to drink my Starbucks caramel coffeee