5 febbraio 2010

Christmas Love

LePluDu  took just a little break from the net.

I'm dreaming about a new spring time.
Need it for my drawings that are now just tasteless.
I started new year without energy.
That's not possible... and I also put on weight.
I fell like an older Bridget Jones - (without a teeny diary and ugly pink sweaters).

I met someone during my holidays.
I was walking after the traditional Christmas lunch. 
Everything was so white and soft. My mother, inside,  was entertaining her guests with one of her bizarre stories and I couldn't stop thinking 'bout job, burocracy and everythink you shouldn't think during festivities.
So I decided to go outside, even if the fireplace was lovely and warm. 


Immediately I forgot all my thoughts. Quiet. Only my footsteps.
I walked far from all cars parked in front of the house. 
And then I heard about a "piouuuuuuuch". 
He was there trembling, scared.
A little robin bird, alone without his family. 

And then I felt in love another time... with nature.
He joined our family lunch too!

He's gone away after few days, just like me. 

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