24 ottobre 2009


Ok maybe I'm a bit chicky buuuut I'm totally in love with Blair Waldorf character. 

You know Gossip Girl? I think it's a coktail of Sex&the City and Dawson's Creek... just a girly series. Dresses and character are amazing!

I cannot imagine how much they spended around it.
And there are also many many website where people all around the world talk about how can they dress like Vanessa or Serena...
And doesn't want you talk about Chuck?!! 

Ok ok I go back at work :-)


20 ottobre 2009

First post

Hi this is Le Plu Du!!
I'm an illustrator and I love...

I started my carreer when...
well... I was just a child... I always imagined a warm house with white furniture, a big fireplace, many meowing cats.. (ok - this sounds like Christmas time :-P).
And everytime I used to draw my dreams like the big and warm house and... so.
I've always worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and I just thought that naybe it's the time to have a personal website. Don't you think?!

OK. This is me today...

I'm pretty happy even if the weather isn't so nice.
This cold cold autumn comes to me like a vanilla infusion.
I leave you tonight with this far vanilla parfume...

Going to drink my Starbucks caramel coffeee