20 ottobre 2009

First post

Hi this is Le Plu Du!!
I'm an illustrator and I love...

I started my carreer when...
well... I was just a child... I always imagined a warm house with white furniture, a big fireplace, many meowing cats.. (ok - this sounds like Christmas time :-P).
And everytime I used to draw my dreams like the big and warm house and... so.
I've always worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and I just thought that naybe it's the time to have a personal website. Don't you think?!

OK. This is me today...

I'm pretty happy even if the weather isn't so nice.
This cold cold autumn comes to me like a vanilla infusion.
I leave you tonight with this far vanilla parfume...

Going to drink my Starbucks caramel coffeee

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